Thermomix for professionals

Thermomix is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals all over the world. In countries like France, Spain or Italy it’s very common to see one or several Thermomix in the kitchens of the Michelin Star restaurants.

Why? Having a Thermomix in a kitchen is like having an additional chef; somebody who works 24/7 and always does what’s supposed to be done without making any mistake.

Restaurants all over the world delegate on Thermomix to make broths, pures, delicate sauces, doughs, creams, deserts,… And while Thermomix does the work, you can do anything else.

How to buy a Thermomix for a
restaurant or any professional usage?

Thermomix is sold to be used in a domestic environment, and its legal 2-year warranty is only valid when used at home. But as Thermomix is so popular among restaurants, we have a special deal for professionals.

IMPORTANT: a restaurant can purchase a Thermomix for domestic use and it can be used in a restaurant, but its official 2-year warranty won’t be valid. Check here.

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