How to earn your thermomix


“I became a consultant because I saw it as an easy way to earn my own Thermomix®. I thought it would be easy to find six people who might be interested in Thermomix®. And that was that! As a consultant, I have received a fantastic extra income that can be combined with my full-time job. "

Read this testimony from Anna:

A practical and popular way to buy a Thermomix is to earn it.

During 3 months, you just need to find 6 people interested in buying a Thermomix. How can you do this? Well, if you love Thermomix, the pitch is easy: you just need to show why you love it. Does this sound easy enough?

Many people in Sweden have earned their Thermomix instead of paying for it. Does that sound like a good idea? We think so!

And it’s easier than you think! You only need to sell 5 Thermomix in 3 months. 

How? Normally just being a bit active showing your Thermomix to fiends and family and explaining why you love it, the sales come very, very easy.

And if you need, we support you with training and explaining you how to run a perfect demo. So you never have to feel alone.

And if at the end you find it more difficult than you thought, there is no big deal. Nothing lost.

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